2318 Englewood
1426 sq ft, built in 1957


4/2 ranch w/ full basement in beautiful East Point, GA.

For those who know something about East Point, this house is 0.7 miles from ACC and about 10 minutes from Southwest.






This is the front entrance with the original tile flooring.  The wall you see used to be an opening into the garage-converted-into-a-den, and we converted it into a closet for the master bedroom suite on the other side. 







We refinished the hardwoods throughout.

This is our living room with Ansley Cleveland furniture.









We enjoy looking out our large front window to see neighbors walking or birds in our dogwood.

We sanded and painted the cabinets, laid new flooring, and brought in all new appliances.

The shelves on the left used to be a buffet window into the den.  The den is now the master bedroom.

This is the master bedroom with the closet in the back left that we built in from the main entrance.  It's a nice, spacious room.








The master bath was a spare bathroom/utility space off of the den, which we totally gutted and started over.  To the left of this picture is a curtain to a laundry space with stackable washer/dryer.

The Scaduto Room is our guest room at the front of the house.  It shares a hall bathroom with the bedroom pictured below, Buddy's Room.  For reservations in that bedroom we offer an air mattress or cot.

The office is also a fourth bedroom, and its walls are solid wood paneling.  The paneling grows on you after time, and we enjoy reading or doing schoolwork here.  This is also a good room for morning coffee and watching guinea fowls and squirrels in the backyard.

There is a lot of space in the basement with a door to the backyard. We still keep plenty of leftover renovation supplies down there.

Lastly, the backyard.  There are a couple of good hammock trees near where the photographer is standing.  This is a nice space for throwing a disc or kicking a soccer ball.