Robert Paul Hartley
1255 Amsterdam Avenue, Room 730, Columbia School of Social Work, New York, NY 10027

Working Papers

Hartley, Robert Paul, Lamarche, Carlos, and Ziliak, James P. (2017): “Welfare Reform and the Intergenerational Transmission of Dependence”, IZA Discussion Paper 10942. [Revision requested, Journal of Political Economy]

Hartley, Robert Paul, and Lamarche, Carlos (2017): “Behavioral Responses and Welfare Reform: Evidence from a Randomized Experiment”, IZA Discussion Paper 10905. [Revision requested, Labour Economics]

Works in Progress

Hartley, Robert Paul: “Welfare Participation Effects on Child Care and Educational Attainment: Evaluating the Impact of Assistance, Non-Assistance, and Policy After Reform”.

Hartley, Robert Paul, Lamarche, Carlos, and Ziliak, James P.: “Distributional Analysis of Welfare Duration Across Generations”.

Mattingly, Marybeth J., Hartley, Robert Paul, and Wimer, Christopher: “Child care expenses and the potential role of child care subsidies in family budgets”.

Hartley, Robert Paul, Garfinkel, Irwin, and Wimer, Christopher: “The poverty impact and distributional effects of alternative income guarantee designs: How much does the financing matter?".

Hartley, Robert Paul, and Mattingly, Marybeth J.: “The regularity of noncustodial parent child support and the wellbeing of custodial families with young children”.