Robert Paul Hartley

Columbia School of Social Work, 1255 Amsterdam Avenue, Room 710, New York, NY 10027


Peer-Reviewed Publications

Hartley, Robert Paul, Carlos Lamarche, and James P. Ziliak. 2023. "Bootstrapping quantile correlations with an application for income status across generations." Economics Letters, 228: 111160.

Hartley, Robert Paul, and Irwin Garfinkel. 2023. “Income guarantee policy design: Implications for poverty, income distribution, and tax rates." National Tax Journal, 76 (2): 317-346.

Garfinkel, Irwin, Laurel Sariscsany, Elizabeth Ananat, Sophie Collyer, Robert Paul Hartley, Buyi Wang, and Christopher Wimer. 2022. “The benefits and costs of a child allowance.” Journal of Benefit-Cost Analysis, 13 (3): 335-362. Recipient of the Best Article Award for the Journal of Benefit-Cost Analysis in 2022.

Hartley, Robert Paul, Carlos Lamarche, and James P. Ziliak. 2022. "Welfare reform and the intergenerational transmission of dependence." Journal of Political Economy, 130 (3): 523-565.

Hartley, Robert Paul, Marybeth J. Mattingly, Jane Waldfogel, and Christopher Wimer. 2022. “Paying for childcare to work? Evaluating the role of policy in affordable care and child poverty.” Social Service Review, 96 (1): 34-72.

Hartley, Robert Paul, and Carlos Lamarche. 2018. "Behavioral responses and welfare reform: Evidence from a randomized experiment." Labour Economics, 54: 135-151.

Working Papers

Hartley, Robert Paul, Jaehyun Nam, and Christopher Wimer. 2022. “The persistence of food security status across generations.” Revisions requested, Journal of Human Resources. [Discussion paper series, DP2019-06, University of Kentucky Center for Poverty Research]

Hartley, Robert Paul, Irwin Garfinkel, Elizabeth Ananat, Sophie Collyer, Buyi Wang, and Christopher Wimer. 2022. "A benefit-cost analysis of child care subsidy expansions: The New York State case." Under review.

Hartley, Robert Paul, and Marybeth J. Mattingly. 2022. “The regularity of noncustodial parent child support and the wellbeing of custodial families with young children.”

Curran, Megan A., and Robert Paul Hartley. 2022. “Food security and family size: The impact of resource dilution and nutrition assistance policy on child and family well-being.”